UX/UI, Usagui

Branding and Website’s proposal for Usagui, teashop.

Gabriela Gadea
Ahinoa Múgica
Leyre Gómez
Lina Zambrano 

Web Design

October 12th, 2020
Elisava Barcelona University School of Design and Engineering

About Usagui

Usagui is a traditional Japanese teahouse located in the heart of Barcelona. It is known for its pastry and infusions but what makes it stand out is the sale of artisan ceramics on site.

At first glance, the place seems minimal but you quickly discover many details that are hidden in space. 

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This idea of “hiding in space” was represented on the website. In the Homepage, for example, the user can choose between “ceramics” or “menu”. If the cursor is on the right, he could be able to see a teacup, when he moves it to the left, he would see a cake but the teacup will disappear.


From the very beginning, our highest priorities were a strong customer focus and the development of creative solutions for all pages.

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