Illustrations, Manual

This is an uncommon manual. In a humorous tone, the figure of “jerk” has been caricatured to show eight steps you have to follow to be disliked wherever you go.

Gabriela Gadea

Graphic Design

October 18th, 2019
Massana Arts and Design

About the project.

Massana University is known for encouraging its students to build their skills as well as their creativity in different visual disciplines.

In this case, the briefing for the project was clear: «To design and create a manual.»

The result was an ironic 9-page little book where the readers could find eight instructions they have to follow to fall badly.  

How were the illustrations made?

Since I start the project by using the stamping technique, I asked myself «why not do all illustrations with stamped letters?»

In that way, different typographies were used for the composition of the main character with the exception of the extremities (feet, hands, and head).

The challenge was to think of an idea, design it, and execute it within a period of fewer than 3 days. I considered posting this project on the online portfolio since, even if it is a University project, it defines me too well: 

  • From a simple briefing such as «Make an instruction manual» I can come up with a fun and creative idea.
  • By exploring my limits and be self-demanding I can complicate myself a bit my work if that means a better result.
  • I like to do fun projects that make viewers/users/customers enjoy my work.
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